Best Gimbal for GH4 [2021 Review]

Man sitting on the grass with a camera attached to a gimbal in front of him

The best gimbal for GH4 is a great investment and addition to your mirrorless camera. It can improve the outcome of your pictures and films.

What is an SDXC Card?

An SDXC card being inserted into a camera

The latest devices have their own storage capacities that keep all of the contents you’ve taken safe and secure. However, there are instances wherein that capacity is not enough, and you will need to add an extension so you can keep all of your files in one place.  The SDXC card is a memory card …

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What Does SDHC Mean?

Micro SDHC card that is plugged in a slot

As the need to store more data grew over the years, the SDHC card was introduced to fulfill that role. What does SDHC mean?

What is the Best Time to Take Pictures Outside?

Hand holding a camera against sunlight

When you shoot outdoors, the lighting is outside of your control. Even though you plan the exact time of your photo shoot thinking that it could help with improving your images, there is no guarantee that the result will be of the best quality.  Luckily, there are certain hours that you can follow to ensure …

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