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Hand holding both Canon STM and USM lenses
What Is The Difference Between Canon STM And USM Lenses?

What is the difference between Canon STM and USM lenses? In this article, we discuss which type of lens is best for your photography needs.

Canon 40mm lens
Best Lens For Canon T7I [2021 Review]

The best lens for Canon T7I will allow you to see the camera’s full potential. It also lets you capture stunning pictures.

Woman holding a Canon camera with its flash going off
Best Yongnuo Flash for Canon [2021 Review]

The best Yongnuo flash for Canon is easy to operate, and produces the results that you want and is ideal for professional photographers.

Man sitting on the grass with a camera attached to a gimbal in front of him
Best Gimbal for GH4 [2021 Review]

The best gimbal for GH4 is a great investment and addition to your mirrorless camera. It can improve the outcome of your pictures and films.

Four memory cards
Best Memory Card for Fuji XT2 [2021 Review]

The best memory card for Fuji XT2 allows you to be more flexible with your content, and it is reliable for storing thousands of images. 

Camera flash
Best Flash for Nikon D5300 [2021 Review]

The best flash for Nikon D5300 can boost the built-in flash for better lighting, and it can assist you in getting amazing results. 

Nikon D7100 camera
Best Lens for Nikon D7100 [2021 Review]

The best lens for Nikon D7100 produces amazing results, with crisp images that effectively show the crucial details of your subject.

Close up of a camera flash
Best Flash for Nikon D500 [2021 Review]

Why use an external flash for your cameras? The best flash for Nikon D500 can let you take artistically pleasing pictures. 

Magic Arm Articulating Friction Arm with Hot Shoe Mounts for DSLR Camera
Best Articulating Arm for Camera Monitor [2021 Review]

A tripod can only cover limited angles. But the best articulating arm for camera monitor will let you reach the angle that you want. 

Canon camera with an 18-55mm lens
How Far Does an 18-55mm Lens Zoom?

The kit lens has a focal length of 18mm-55mm, and it is an ideal zoom range to practice your shots on. How far does an 18-55mm lens zoom?

Canon cameras with a 50mm lens and an 18-55mm lens
Is a 50mm Lens Better Than an 18-55mm Lens?

If you are not familiar with the features of a lens, these two may not have much of a difference. Is a 50mm lens better than an 18-55mm?

Canon camera with an STM lens
What Does STM Stand for in Canon?

If you are looking for a Canon camera lens, you may have encountered the term STM lens. So, what does STM stand for Canon?

What Does the PS4 Camera Do?

The PS4 camera, is Sony’s latest video-capturing device that is sold separately from the console. So, what does the PS4 camera do?

6 different types of camera lenses
What Are the 6 Types of Lenses?

It can be confusing to know what each lens does and what makes them different from each other. So, what are the 6 types of lenses?

Man holding a Canon camera with an external flash
Best External Flash for Canon SL1 [2021 Review]

The best external flash for Canon SL1 can help you look for the best exposure so you can continue shooting images even in the dark. 

Canon 55-250mm lens
Which Lens Is Better 18-55mm or 55-250mm?

A lens that can capture wide shots is the 18-55mm, and a common telephoto lens is the 55-250mm. Which lens is better 18-55mm or 55 250mm?

Nikon camera with a covered Nikon lens
What Nikon Lenses Do Professional Photographers Use?

If you’re looking to upgrade your lens collection, you might be wondering about what Nikon lenses do professional photographers use.

Camera flash
Best Flash for Fuji XT1 [2021 Review]

The best flash for Fuji XT1 is designed to fit your DSLR camera as it has the flexibility and functionality for all types of photography. 

Canon camera with a 35-80mm lens
What Is a 35-80mm Lens Used For?

The 35-80mm lens captures images similar to how the human eye does with minimal distortion. So, what is a 35 80mm lens used for?

F/1.8 camera lens
What Does F/1.8 Mean on a Lens?

There’s a range of f-stops used in photography, and a common one for prime lenses is f/1.8. So, what does f/1.8 mean on a lens?

Canon DSLR with various types of lenses
How Many Types of DSLR Lenses Are There?

If you wish to get a DSLR camera, then you will need to find a compatible lens. Just how many types of DSLR lenses are there to choose from?