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Best telephoto lens for Nikon 70d
Best Telephoto Lens for Canon 70D

The Canon EOS 70D is one of the favorite DSLR cameras of photographers. Although the camera has a cropped sensor, the 20.2MP CMOS running with the DIGIC 5+ image processor makes a great combination an…

High-quality Nikon 5200 camera hanging
Nikon D5200 vs D7000

If you are looking for a DSLR camera to suit your needs, there is a wide range of options that you need to check so you can make a wise and just decision. You need to consider the specs, the features …

Nikon dslr camera on wooden floor
Nikon D4S vs D810

When it comes to Nikon’s lineup of DSLR cameras for professionals, the Nikon D810 and Nikon D4S come out on top. The two are the most popular ones thanks to its amazing image quality and strong …

GoPro camcorder on the floor
Contour vs Gopro

Several brands have created and released affordable and feature-filled high-definition videos available to the public over the past couple of years, so POV cams and helmet cams have become popular as …

Close-up shot of Yongnuo digital brand
Yongnuo vs Neewer

A Speedlight flash is an important camera accessory as it can help improve the work of a photographer. Speedlight flashes come in handy when you need extra light especially when you are taking picture…

Nikon D3300 camera on top of plants
Nikon D3300 vs Nikon D5300

Purchasing a digital camera from Nikon as a beginner is not as easy as it sounds. Aspiring photographers switching from a compact camera to a DSLR camera may be overwhelmed with the sudden change in f…

SD cards on white background
Best SD Card for Sony A7SII [2022 Review]

The Sony A7SII is a great DSLR camera that is well suited for professional photographers who are looking for ways to work on their skills and capture new subjects. With its incredible capability of cr…

Nikon dslr camera on white background
Nikon D7100 vs. D5300

The Nikon D7100 and the Nikon D5300 are two popular DSLR cameras that were released in 2013. Both of these digital single lens reflex cameras are equipped with an APS-C sensor and both of them have a …

Nikon camera with strap and lens
Nikon D3200 vs. Canon T3I

The most popular type of camera that photographers use is the Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR camera. It is uniquely designed and it has two technologies built-in: the single-lens reflex technology…

Full frame camera on black background
Full Frame vs. APS-C Image Quality Comparison

Full-frame cameras are now becoming more affordable and popular, and now, a new generation of photographers are seeing the full potential of shooting using high-resolution sensors. However, changes in…

High-quality Nikon camera on yellow background
Canon SL1 vs. Nikon D3300

Photography is a very popular hobby despite costing a hefty amount of money because of the gears and accessories that are needed. This is the reason why there are DSLR cameras that are budget-friendly…

Micro lens on black background
Micro vs. Macro Lens

Photography is one of the most valued skills because it is about capturing the natural beauty of the things that we see around us and it includes the overall essence of reality. Starting as a photogra…

Canon camera on a white background
Canon T5 vs. T3I

The Canon Rebel T3I, also known as Canon 600D in some areas, and the Canon Rebel T5, also called Canon 1200D in some areas, are two DSLR cameras launched in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Both DSLR camer…

Camera kit lens on top of the book
24MM vs. 35MM

When you ask any professional photographer about how wide a prime lens is, they will say it is either 24mm or 35mm. The 24mm vs. 35mm wide angle lens debate has been going on for years as photographer…

Nikon camera on white background
Nikon 200 500 vs. Tamron 150 600

Wildlife photography needs a special type of lens to capture the incredible scenery and elusive animals. Out of all the lenses for wildlife photography that are sold in the market, two of them stand o…

Man holding a camera with telephoto lens
Wide Angle vs. Telephoto Lens

The most commonly used lenses in professional photography are wide angle lenses and telephoto lenses. These two unique lenses are usually confused with each other, yet both have very different feature…

Canon camera in light reflection
Canon SL1 vs. T31

The Canon Rebel SL1, also known as Canon 100D in some places, and the Canon Rebel T3I, also known as Canon 600D in some places, are two digital cameras that came out at around the same time in the mid…

Camera lens on the floor

Photographers sometimes get confused when they need to differentiate the meaning behind STM vs. USM in Canon lenses. Canon’s autofocus lenses have focused on the speed of the equipment and did n…

Lexar micro SDHC
Micro SDHC vs SDXC

There are two formats that are loved by photographers, they are the SDHC and SDXC cards. So which is better between the Micro SDHC vs SDXC?

GoPro Hero 5 attached to a gimbal
Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 vs GoPro Hero 5

A lot of people want to record important moment in their lives. When it comes to Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 vs GoPro Hero 5, which one is better?

Different camera lens for DLSR
Best Lens for Nikon D300 [2022 Review]

When Nikon launched the Nikon D300, it was well-received by both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. It has a solid build and it is fast, it is a great choice for sports and nature…