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Lexar micro SDHC
Micro SDHC vs SDXC

There are two formats that are loved by photographers, they are the SDHC and SDXC cards. So which is better between the Micro SDHC vs SDXC?

GoPro Hero 5 attached to a gimbal
Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 vs GoPro Hero 5

A lot of people want to record important moment in their lives. When it comes to Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 vs GoPro Hero 5, which one is better?

Different camera lens for DLSR
Best Lens for Nikon D300 [2021 Review]

When Nikon launched the Nikon D300, it was well-received by both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. It has a solid build and it is fast, it is a great choice for sports and nature…

Nikon D60 with two different kinds of lenses beside it
Best Lens for Nikon D60 [2021 Review]

The Nikon D60 is the fastest DX camera, you can enjoy the features that it can offer if you pair it up with the best lens for Nikon D60.  

Sony camera flash
Best Flash for Sony A6500 [2021 Review]

The best flash for Sony A6500 can boost the camera’s built-in flash and it can help you achieve beautiful results while doing photography.

A photographer taking pictures at the beach
What Kind of Camera Do Professionals Use?

The term professional camera is plastered on almost every selfie stick. But what does “professional camera” really mean? Professional photographers need a list of high-quality cameras with…

An SDHC card beside a camera
What Is an SDHC Memory Card?

Memory cards are an important accessory for cameras, camcorders, and smartphones. They are used so you can store additional data.  Memory cards come in different forms. The original Secure Digita…

A sports photographer taking pictures at a soccer event
What is the Best Nikon Lens for Sports Photography?

Sports photography is probably one of the most popular photography genres, which is why major camera manufacturers like Nikon released lenses that are ideal for this genre.  Sports photography co…

SDXC and SDHC memory cards on a white surface
What is the Difference Between SDHC and SDXC Memory Cards?

Cameras need a memory card so you can store all of the images and videos that you’ve taken. When it comes to memory cards, the most popular and most used one is the SD card format.  However, memo…

Hand holding a Lexar memory card for Sony A6500 camera
Best Memory Card for Sony A6500

The Sony A6500 has been Sony’s most popular DSLR camera. Aside from getting a wide range of lenses to connect to your camera, you will also need a memory card that can keep up with the demands a…

Close up shot of a Nikon D5000 lens for shooting portraits
Best Lens for Nikon D5000 Portraits

The Nikon D5000 is a popular DSLR camera and is one of the best that Nikon has launched. It is a hit among professional photographers and beginners.  So it is only right that an impressive DSLR l…

Man taking a photo beside a car
Best Camera for Car Photography

Whether you are taking pictures of vehicles to sell online, or you are into action and speed, then car photography is the genre for you.  Taking pictures that make the car look great can be trick…

A Nikon D3100 camera and three lenses on a black surface
What Lenses Are Compatible with Nikon D3100?

Choosing a new camera lens for your Nikon D3100 can be overwhelming yet exciting. It lets you think about what type of photography you want to focus on and what features you need in order to achieve g…

Person holding a camera for filmmaking
What Is The Cheapest Camera For Filmmaking?

As a filmmaker, purchasing a new camera can be tricky especially if you have a budget to follow. What is the cheapest camera for filmmaking?

Person taking a candid photo
What Is Clarity In Photography?

What is clarity in photography? You want your pictures to be clear and sharp, especially if you do photography for a living.

Panasonic 4K camcorder
What Is a 4K Camcorder?

What is 4k camcorder? Many 4K camcorders have advanced high-definition functionality that can give you amazing video results. 

Man setting up his Nikon D5300 camera
What Lenses Are Compatible with Nikon D5300?

Before buying a lens, you need to check the specs, features, and ease of operation. What lenses are compatible with Nikon D5300?

Hand holding both Canon STM and USM lenses
What Is The Difference Between Canon STM And USM Lenses?

What is the difference between Canon STM and USM lenses? In this article, we discuss which type of lens is best for your photography needs.

Canon 40mm lens
Best Lens For Canon T7I [2021 Review]

The best lens for Canon T7I will allow you to see the camera’s full potential. It also lets you capture stunning pictures.

Woman holding a Canon camera with its flash going off
Best Yongnuo Flash for Canon [2021 Review]

The best Yongnuo flash for Canon is easy to operate, and produces the results that you want and is ideal for professional photographers.

Man sitting on the grass with a camera attached to a gimbal in front of him
Best Gimbal for GH4 [2021 Review]

The best gimbal for GH4 is a great investment and addition to your mirrorless camera. It can improve the outcome of your pictures and films.