What Is the PS4 Camera For?

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Sony’s video-capturing device, the PlayStation Camera or PS4, was released together with the new PlayStation 4 game console in 2014. Despite this, not many gamers are familiar with what this device can do. The PS4 camera has many features to offer players and can let you experience a whole new side to gaming. So, what is the PS4 camera for?

What Is the PS4 Camera For?

The PS4 camera is for motion control and VR games, combined with the PlayStation Move controllers, as well as recording high-quality sound and video, and facial recognition features on the PS4 console.

While you can’t video chat with other users using the PS4 camera, you can use it to enjoy many of the games on The Playroom, a free app that has a collection of games exclusive for PlayStation users. 

PS4 Specifications

The PS4 camera is a rectangular device that is plugged into the back of the PlayStation 4 console. It measures 7.32 x 1.06 inches and can be placed on top of your TV. 

The camera’s aperture of f/2.0 lets enough light in to film videos in dimly lit rooms. It has four microphones, two on either side of the camera lens, to ensure high-quality sound capture and accurate voice control. 

Both of the lenses can be adjusted vertically up to 35 degrees. The adjustable camera stand can be positioned at any angle. 

Voice Capabilities

The PS4 camera comes with four microphones that let you capture high-quality sound. It can also detect where the voices are coming from. You can even chat with family, friends, and other gamers without a headset. 

The camera’s voice commands can control the PS4 console, and you can also do it using the mono headset that comes with the console. 

The PS4 console supports six languages for its voice control feature: 

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese

Video Features

The PS4 camera can accurately scan your face and log you to your profile. This feature secures your online privacy as you are the only one who can open your account. 

When the facial recognition feature is activated, the camera will highlight your face on the monitor. It will then prompt you to fill out a personal data sheet. 

Aside from its facial recognition feature, the PS4 camera can also be used to capture 3D images and perceive depth in the 3D environment of your room. 


By using the PS4 camera, you can enjoy numerous PS4 games such as “Just Dance,” “Sportsfriends,” “Octodad: Dadliest Catch,” and “Driveclub.” 

You can also access The Playroom app, which comes pre-installed on the PS4 console. The top three games on the app are “AR Hockey,” “Play with Asobi,” and “AR Bots.” 

PS4 Camera vs Xbox One Kinect

The Kinect, Xbox’s answer to the PS4 camera, comes with the Xbox One console. Meanwhile, the PS4 camera is sold separately. Also, the Kinect is larger than the PS4 camera, so it can’t just be placed on top of your TV set.

As for its camera’s resolution, the Kinect is equipped with 1080p resolution, while the PS4 camera is equipped with 720p only. 

Xbox One Kinect can zoom and pan across the room while you chat. The PS4 camera can only work if you stay in one spot as it needs to keep your face on screen while you play, or it will lock your account. Both of the devices have facial recognition features, and both have multi-microphone arrays for voice recognition. 

However, the PS4 camera does not have an Infrared Blaster or IR feature, so it can’t be controlled using a universal remote, unlike the Kinect that is equipped with IR, allowing you to do other things like managing your cable box or TV. 

Related Questions

Can the PS4 Camera Save Your Videos?

The PS4 camera can send your gameplay or your self-recorded video to your Cloud. These files can be uploaded to social media platforms like YouTube or Twitch. 

The feature is beneficial for players who want to create and establish their own gaming account on YouTube or Twitch, and with the camera’s high-resolution lenses, you won’t need to do a lot of editing. 

What Makes the PS4 Camera Different From the EyeToy?

The difference between the PS4 camera and its predecessor, EyeToy, is its more advanced camera and functionality. EyeToy was released by Sony in 2003, and it only has a single camera, whereas the PS4 camera comes with two. 

The EyeToy creates an image of your body in a specific game environment, and it tracks each movement in 2D while the PS4 camera uses 3D technology. 


Although the PS4 camera is far from being an essential accessory for your PS4 console, it is still a useful device, especially for virtual reality gamers. The device is jam-packed with features that you can’t get with a regular camera, and it can take your streaming activities and gaming to the next level. 

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