What Does the PS4 Camera Do?

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The PlayStation Camera, also called the PS4 camera, is Sony’s latest video-capturing device that is sold separately from the console. 

The PS4 camera allows for motion control and video capture on PlayStation 4, and it also has voice control and facial recognition features as well. 

What Does the PS4 Camera Do?

The PS4 camera acts as a traditional camera that films you while you play. It also has a built-in microphone to record audio and allows you to chat with other players in online games even if you do not have a headset. 

PS4 Camera Basics

A PS4 camera is a small unit with a stand that can fit into most TV setups and can be adjusted to any angle. 

The camera has a resolution of 1280×800, and it can capture a frame rate of 240FPS. By using a proprietary cable, you can connect the camera to the back of your PS4 console. It also works as a Kinect-style device ideal for motion-controlled games. 

Since it is equipped with a microphone, it lets you command your PS4 console using voice controls. It also allows a secure way of logging into your system by using facial recognition, so all of your personal information and game records are safe. 

Perks of Owning a PS4 Camera

Aside from its impressive features, there are other benefits that you can enjoy when you own a PS4 camera. 

PlayStation VR Compatibility

PlayStation VR is one of the biggest reasons to purchase a PS4 camera because it lets you experience virtual reality without the need to get a heavy PC to install it to.

The PlayStation VR comes in different bundles, many of which include a couple of games, a headset, and PS Move controllers. However, the camera needs to be bought separately. 

The Playroom App 

The Playroom is an app that is filled with numerous mini-games. It is free of charge, and it comes pre-installed on all PS4 consoles. 

However, the app requires a PS4 camera so you can play it. If you don’t have a PS4 camera attached to your console, the app will only show you the game’s trailer. 

Access to Non-VR Games

If you have no plans of getting a PlayStation VR, there are still a couple of games that you can play using your PS4 camera. Some of the games require motion controls, which is a feature that the camera has. 

Streaming Option

You can use the PS4 camera to record yourself while you play games. These videos can be uploaded on Twitch or YouTube. You can also watch other players live stream their gameplay by downloading Live from the PlayStation app. 

PS4 Camera vs. Xbox Kinect 

The Xbox One Kinect by Microsoft draws the most comparable to the PS4 camera. The Kinect is Xbox One’s motion and voice control device. 

The difference between the two is that the Kinect comes with the Xbox One console, while the PS4 camera is an optional accessory to your PlayStation console. 

Also, the Kinect is larger compared to the PS4 camera, so it can’t be placed on top of your TV. 

Both of the devices have high definition cameras. However, the Kinect has a higher resolution. It has an ultra-wide-angle 1080p resolution video camera, while the PS4 camera only has 1280p resolution. 

The Kinect has an Infrared Blaster or IR Blaster that shoots infrared rays that allows it to control your cable box or your TV. The PS4 camera does not have any IR capabilities, so it can’t be controlled by a universal remote, and it can’t control other devices. 

Both of the devices have facial recognition features that let you log in easily, and both have multi-microphone arrays for voice recognition. 

Related Questions

Does the PS4 Camera Record All The Time?

The PS4 camera is always recording. However, it does not save the video unless you want it to. While it is plugged in, it continuously listens for voice commands. It transmits the sounds to whoever you are playing against. 

You can shut it down by unplugging the camera. 

Can the PS4 Camera Get Hacked? 

The PS4 camera is almost impossible to hack. The device uses PS4 VR programming, which is difficult to crack. 

Also, a hacker must have enough knowledge about  Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol or TCP/IP to get through the system. So far, no one has ever successfully hacked a PS4 Camera. 


If you enjoy motion-controlled games, love to stream videos, and are an up-and-coming Twitch streamer or YouTuber looking for a device, then the PS4 camera is the ideal gaming accessory for you. 

The camera has all features and capabilities that you need to capture every important gameplay moment. 

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