Canon T5 vs. T3I

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The Canon Rebel T3I, also known as Canon 600D in some areas, and the Canon Rebel T5, also called Canon 1200D in some areas, are two DSLR cameras launched in 2011 and 2014 respectively. Both DSLR cameras have a 17.9 megapixel resolution and APS-C sensor.

Now you might be thinking, between Canon T5 vs. Canon T3I, which one is better? And which of them can give you the results that you want?

Canon T5 vs. T3I General Overview

As the names suggest, both the Canon Rebel T3I and the Canon Rebel T5 belong to Canon’s Rebel line of DSLR cameras? This series of APS-C cameras, which began with the Rebel series in 2003, has been an instant success and is considered as the backbone of Canon’s dominance in the photography world.

Canon camera on a white background

Below is an overview of the features and specs of the two DSLR cameras, so you will have a better idea on which one to get.

Canon T5

The Canon T5 can produce high quality images and its JPEG photos look great up to ISO 400, at which point there will be blotchy blacks visible when you are in a low lit area. The DSLR camera is easy to operate, all of the buttons are flat with a bit of tactile feedback. The following are the options that you can see around the body:

  • Exposure compensation
  • Movie record
  • Live mode
  • Quick control
  • Playback
  • Display

The camera is a viewfinder that allows you to lock the subject accurately before taking shots. It also comes with a built-in autofocus feature that lets you zoom in and out without changing the shape of the built-in lens and attaching an external lens to it.

Canon T3I

The Canon T3I is equipped with a silent motor that is great for videography. The pictures are cleaned up when it reaches ISO 800, and since the camera has a built-in image stabilization system, you won’t see distortion or other unwanted effects on your pictures even when the camera is shaky.

The colors of the pictures are accurate and they are saturated, and the exposures and metering are consistent. The dynamic range of the camera is broad, thus allowing enough highlight and shadow on your images. It is compact, so it can be used for travelling, and the LCD screen can be flipped so you can cover more angles.

Since it has a rubberized grip, the camera is comfortable to use. You can shoot using just one hand if you need to. The body itself is solid and it can stand the weight of the lens that you attach to it. The autofocus feature is fast, and the viewfinder is accurate.

Canon T5 vs. T3I

The overall popularity of the Canon Rebel cameras is the direct result of them having the sensor and the shooting technology from its predecessors, which are being sold at a more budget-friendly price.

The strong brand reputation of Canon and its comprehensive EOS system of accessories and lenses contributes to the appeal of the Canon T5 and the Canon T3I.


The Canon T5 and the Canon T3I have features that they share, which makes sense since they are from the same brand and they are from the Rebel series.

Canon dslr camera on side view

The features that the two cameras have are the ones that Canon is well-known for, as the brand has set them as a standard for their DSLR cameras.


Canon is known for introducing the silent autofocus feature that allows you to take pictures and film videos silently. This means that there are no annoying motor sounds that can distract your subject or can interrupt the audio of your video.

Both the Canon T5 and the Canon T3I are equipped with a silent autofocus system, so they can be used in any situation.

APS-C Sensor

The APS-C sensor of both the Canon T5 and the Canon T3I creates an angle that is narrower. This gives the illusion that the subject is zoomed in even if they aren’t. It also allows for a better depth of field and sharper background in images.


Although the Canon T5 and the Canon T3I are from the same Rebel series of Canon, they are 3 years apart. This means that there are certain features that you may not find in one DSLR camera that you can in the other.

Below are the notable differences between the Canon T5 and the Canon T3I:

LCD Screen

The Canon T5 is a DSLR Rebel camera that has a fixed screen. This means that you will have to position yourself to get better angles, or you will need a lens that can cover the areas that you wish to cover.

Meanwhile, the Canon T3I is equipped with an LCD screen that you can flip. You just need to adjust the screen itself to cover different angles.

Image Stabilization

The Canon T3I is equipped with a stabilization feature that makes sure all images are free of unwanted effects even if your camera shakes a lot.

The Canon T5, on the other hand, does not have this feature. This means that you will need to attach the camera to a stabilizer to prevent distorted images and unstable videos.

Major Distinguishing Factor

The major distinguishing factor between the Canon T5 and the Canon T3I is the image stabilization system. Both of the cameras have the movie recording feature, which requires a stable camera to make sure that the video is smooth.

If you end up getting the Canon T5, you need to use a tripod or a stabilizer for better quality videos and images.

Canon camera under the sunlight

When to Use the Canon T5

The Canon T5 is an entry-level DSLR, which makes it ideal for beginners. It has all of the basic features that you will need if you are new to photography such as a viewfinder, a Live mode, and a 17.9 megapixel.

The Canon T5 can be used for the following genres:

  • Portrait photography
  • Street photography
  • Events photography

When to Use the Canon T3I

Despite being an entry-level DSLR camera, the Canon T3I has incredible features that you often see in cameras for professional photographers, such as the movie recording feature, a flipped LCD screen and stabilization system. It is best for photographers who are already familiar with the field.

You can use the Canon T3I for the following genres:

  • Videography
  • Filmmaking
  • Sports photography
  • Wildlife photography

Final Verdict

The Canon T5 vs. T3I debate may be tricky because they are more similar than you think. However, when choosing which one to get, it is best to focus on the features that you want your camera to have.

If you are new to taking images, you will be more comfortable using the Canon T5. If you have years of experience, you will find the Canon T3I more suitable for your skills.

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