Best Memory Card for Sony A6500 [2022 Review]

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The Sony A6500 has been Sony’s most popular DSLR camera. Aside from getting a wide range of lenses to connect to your camera, you will also need a memory card that can keep up with the demands and allow you to enjoy the features of your camera. 

The best memory card for Sony A6500 lets you transfer files instantly, store high-definition videos, and keep up with the features of the A6500.

Our Top Sony A6500 Memory Card Reviews 

Whether you are taking sports, portrait, event, landscape, nature, or wildlife photography, you will be able to use all of the benefits of the best memory card for Sony A6500. 

SanDisk Ultra SDXC UHS-I 

The SanDisk Ultra SDXC UHS-I is an ideal memory card for your Sony A6500 camera. It can store thousands of high-quality images and high-definition videos because it is equipped with a 128GB storage capacity.

The card’s write speed of Class 10 lets you transfer as much as 200MB worth of data per second, which is very fast compared to the PNY 128GB Elite-X because it can only transfer up to 160MB worth of files per second. 

Since it is X-ray proof, temperature proof, waterproof, and shockproof, the files are protected no matter what happens to the card. It is a feature that the Lexar Professional 128GB SDXC UHS-I lacks. 

However, overheating can be an issue, especially if you’ve used it for hours. Also, you may encounter formatting problems if the laptop or desktop computer that you use does not support the capacity of the card. 


  • It is sealed and protected against external elements like water, dust and dirt. 
  • The write protection switch prevents the files from being deleted by accident. If it does, it can be retrieved. 


  • If it has been used for hours, it overheats and may malfunction.
  • There can be issues with the formatting of the data if the device you transfer it to does not support the card’s format.

PNY 128GB Elite-X Class 10 Memory Card

The PNY 128GB Elite-X Class 10 Memory Card is beloved by both photographers and videographers. It lets you store all of your files from your DSLR camera.

The memory card is waterproof, shockproof, magnet proof, and temperature proof. It is a feature that the Lexar Professional 128GB memory card does not have.

With a write switch feature, your files are safe. Even if you accidentally delete them while you move your data to another device, you can retrieve all of them. 

Unfortunately, the memory card overheats fast. You need to take breaks in between shoots and allow it to cool down a bit so the performance won’t be affected. 

Also, its write speed of 160MB of files per second is not as fast compared to the SanDisk 128GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I and the Lexar Professional 128GB SDXC UHS-I as they both can transfer 200MB of data per second. 


  • It is versatile and is compatible with different types of cameras, not just DSLRs. 
  • It is equipped with a write protection switch that protects your content so you can retrieve them easily if they get deleted. 


  • The memory card overheats easily. Best to take breaks in between photoshoots for better performance
  • The write speed of 160MB is not fast. It takes minutes before you can transfer thousands of files.

Lexar Professional 633x 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card

The Lexar Professional 128GB SDXC UHS-I is a memory card with impressive speed.

The Lexar SDHC/SDXC memory card can speed up your work and lets you save a lot of time. With Class 10 write speed, the highest speed rate for memory cards, you are ensured that the performance is fast and easy, unlike the PNY 128GB Elite-X that can go for only 160MB per second. 

Unfortunately, the memory card is not sealed against water, dirt, extreme temperatures, and dust, unlike the SanDisk 128GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I. 

Also, the card has no write protection switch, so your files are not protected, and if they get deleted, you can’t get them back anymore. 


  • The write speed is fast and takes only a few seconds to transfer your files. 
  • It keeps your images and videos clear and sharp. It won’t be distorted even after you transfer them to your device. 


  • The card is not sealed. It could malfunction if you accidentally drop it if it gets wet, exposed to extreme temperatures, and more. 
  • It has no write protection feature. You need to check your files properly before deleting them.

Features to Consider in Memory Card for Sony A6500

The best memory card for Sony A6500 has fast write and read speeds for the best transfer of files, and it also has enough capacity to store thousands of videos and pictures. 

Weather-SealedWrite Protection SwitchCard Speed
SanDisk 128GB Ultra SDXC UHS-IYesYesFast
PNY 128GB Elite-X Class 10 Memory CardYesNoSlow
Lexar Professional 128GB SDXC UHS-INoNoFast


If you plan to shoot outside, it is best to purchase a memory card sealed from external elements. Even when it gets wet or if you drop it, the card will still work, your contents are protected, and the transfer speed is not affected. 

The SanDisk 128GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I and the PNY 128GB Elite-X Class 10 Memory Card are weather-sealed. 

Write Protection Switch

When transferring files, there are instances wherein you press the wrong button on your device, especially when you are in a hurry. This often results in deleted files. 

The feature also makes sure that you do not delete important files accidentally. It also lets you retrieve files that have been deleted. 

The SanDisk 128GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I is the card that has the write protection switch feature.

Hand holding a Lexar memory card for Sony A6500 camera

Card speed

The memory card has two types of speed; they are the write speed and the read speed. The card’s write speed is the time that it takes for the files to be transferred to your device, may it be a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or flash drive. 

Meanwhile, the read speed is the time it takes for the file to open when you click on it. 

If the card’s speed is your priority, you can purchase the Lexar Professional 128GB SDXC UHS-I or the SanDisk 128GB Ultra SDXC UHS-I, as they can both transfer up to 200MB worth of data per second. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SDHC Memory Cards The Same As SDXC Memory Cards?

The SDHC memory cards can store files between 4GB and 32G. Meanwhile, the SDXC memory cards can store from 64GB to 1TB maximum. 

Some devices only support memory cards that have a certain capacity, so you need to check your device’s capacity. 

What Are The Different Memory Card Speed Classes?

The different memory card class speeds are Class 2 that has a write speed of 2MB per second, Class 4 has a speed of 4MB per second, Class 6 has a speed of 6MB per second, and Class 10 has a speed of 10MB per second. 


To make the most out of your camera, you need to have the best memory card for Sony A6500. These cards have the capacity and speed to transfer your data. The cards can help keep your files intact, and it preserves your precious memories. 

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