Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking [2022 Review]

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Mountain bikers use the videos that they took as a way to encourage others to join the sport. If you want to capture every moment of a biking journey, the best gimbal for mountain biking can assist you. 

Our Top Gimbal for Mountain Biking Reviews

Mountain biking is one of the extreme sports that are often recorded and posted on platforms like YouTube.

The best gimbal for mountain biking can produce clear shots of how bikers prepare for their adventure. 

DJI Ronin-SC Handheld Gimbal

The DJI Ronin-SC Handheld Gimbal is light and compact, ideal for content creators in any situation. The gimbal is made out of magnesium, aluminum construction and high-strength composite materials, so it does not crack or break easily when it falls on the ground.

The Ronin-SC gimbal has a stable shot thanks to its built-in stabilization feature. Its sport mode supports each axis to record the sudden motions effectively, changes in direction, and fast follows.

The gimbal has an impressive battery life that can last for 11 hours, unlike the Sirui Swift P1 3-Axis Gimbal that can only last for 6 hours. 

The gimbal has a smooth and automated movement control that lets you create panoramas with precision and quality. It also has a time-lapse feature that enables you to fast forward to all crucial moments. It is ideal for capturing sunsets, sunrises, and more. 

DJI has an app for the gimbal called the Ronin app. It is easy to use, and it has all of the tools you need to tune and edit all of the videos you captured. It can assist you in producing great footage. 

The axis locks on each arm securely, and it allows for better balance and faster storage. Its quick-release plate has a positioning block that keeps the gimbal in a great position, so you won’t have to keep readjusting. 

However, adding accessories to your camera can cause the gimbal to lose balance, thus resulting in unstable videos. 

Also, it is not compatible with all DSLR cameras, unlike the Freevision VILTA Gimbal.


  • Portable and light, it is easy to use during bike rides
  • It is made from high-quality materials; it can survive falling, slipping and harsh conditions


  • Some cameras are not compatible with the gimbal
  • The gimbal becomes unstable when accessories such as filters are attached to the camera

Freevision VILTA Gimbal

The Freevision VILTA Gimbal is equipped with an advanced motor control algorithm to respond to high-speed moments immediately.

By using the quick-release button, you can switch it to a wearable stabilizer ideal for capturing sports events, concerts, or other activities. 

With its remote control, you can operate the gimbal even from a distance. It is a useful accessory, especially if you want to record yourself while you run or swim. 

You can edit your videos using the Freevision app. The app has tools such as motion control, noise cancellation, professional settings and quick settings so you can produce high-quality footage of your activities. 

With the gimbal’s step less joystick, you can adjust the speed for a more personalized experience. 

The gimbal has a unique battery system that provides a battery life of up to 9 hours, which is less than the DJI Ronin-SC Handheld Gimbal that has a battery life of 11 hours. 

However, the gimbal is not weather-sealed. Its quality may deteriorate if it is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

Also, it has a loud motor noise that could be distracting if you take videos of wildlife and other live subjects, unlike the Sirui Swift P1 3-Axis Gimbal that has a silent motor. 


  • It has a remote control that allows you to operate the gimbal even if you are a few feet away from it
  • The Freevision app is filled with tools that make it easier to edit your footage


  • It is not weather-sealed; it needs to be covered up when it rains or snows
  • The gimbal’s motor is too noisy to use with live subjects nearby

Sirui Swift P1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

The Sirui Swift P1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer has a three-axis stabilization system that can capture clear shots while you are on the go.

The gimbal also lets you switch to four different modes that let you create a cinematically beautiful video. The modes are tilting following, tilting-following locked, POV, and triaxial following locked. 

The battery can last up to 6 hours, which is less than the DJI Ronin-SC Handheld Gimbal that can last up to 11 hours. 

The gimbal’s powerful and silent motor is ideal for capturing videos of live subjects. It has anti-slip strips on the sides of the handle to provide a firm grip so you can do stabilized handheld shots. 

The SIRUISwift app is filled with tools that you can use so you can edit and personalize the footage that you took on the spot. You can also speed up the time thanks to its time-lapse feature, making it ideal for nature and environment videography. 

However, you can’t attach heavy lenses or add accessories to the camera because it will not work properly. 

Also, it is only compatible with mirrorless cameras and not DSLR cameras, unlike the Freevision VILTA Gimbal that supports all cameras. 


  • Its built-in legs allow you to put the gimbal on a flat surface to capture still photos and record videos from afar
  • It has a silent motor, so you can confidently film videos even with live subjects around


  • The gimbal has a load limit, so it can’t support heavy lenses and additional accessories on the lenses
  • It does not support DSLR cameras

Features to Consider in Gimbals for Mountain Biking

To capture your rides in the highest quality, you will need the best gimbal for mountain biking. 

To get shake-free and smooth footage, you will need to consider some features before purchasing a gimbal. 

Product Payload Battery Life Weather-Sealed
DJI Ronin-SC Handheld GimbalNo11 hoursYes
Freevision VILTA Gimbal Yes9 hoursNo
Sirui Swift P1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer No6 hoursYes


The payload pertains to the devices and accessories that are mounted on gimbals aside from the camera itself. Adding accessories on top of the camera may cause an unbalance, and not all gimbals can handle a certain weight. 

A gimbal with a good payload is important because even if you switch lenses, the gimbal can still produce steady videos. Out of three gimbals on the list, the Freevision VILTA Gimbal is the one that can handle payloads. 

Man biking though a mountain trail

Battery Life

Mountain biking is a sport that takes hours to complete. Having a gimbal that has a long battery life allows you to record every fleeting moment. 

If you wish to have a gimbal that can last long, the DJI Ronin-SC Handheld Gimbal is the one for you as it can last for 11 hours. 


Mountain biking is an outdoor sport, which means you will have to deal with unpredictable weather.

A weather-sealed gimbal like the DJI Ronin-SC Handheld Gimbal and the Sirui Swift P1 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer lets you continue shooting videos even when it is raining or snowing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Shaky Footage be Stabilized and Edited? 

You can stabilize videos by using the app that is associated with the gimbal that you are using. 

Gimbal products on display

Even though most gimbals have built-in image stabilization, there are instances wherein rocky trails can cause unsteady footage. Luckily, the gimbal’s app has all of the tools that you need to fix your video. 

For example, if you use the DJI Ronin-SC gimbal, you need to download the Ronin app. You will see numerous options that you can use to edit your videos. 

Where Can You Mount a Gimbal While You Bike?

You can mount the gimbal on the handlebars of your bike, or you can mount it on top of your helmet. 

Professional mountain bikers usually mount the gimbal on top of the helmet because it gives the most stability. Your body absorbs the rattle that is often caused by a rocky track. 


Mountain biking is a fun sport, and with the right gears, you can effectively capture every amazing moment of your bike adventure. 

The best gimbal for mountain biking has all of the features that you need to produce the incredible videos that you can upload on your social media accounts or keep for your records. 

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