Best Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi [2022 Review]

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Looking for the perfect gift has become a bit of a sport at this point, what with the different ways interests have been branching. But have you ever considered a digital picture frame? Possibly, the best gift for your aged parents who you live away from or even as a housewarming gift, a digital picture frame would be an excellent choice.

Digital picture frames have become all the craze as accessories in a modern house. As part of a sleek interior, digital picture frames have a way of blending right in while also standing out to surprise a viewer. A wonderful thing to have around for sentimental individuals who hold their pictures dear due to the memories they have with them.

List of Best Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi

  • Mason by Aura
  • Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame
  • Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Photo Frame
  • Carver by Aura
  • Facebook Portal
  • Meural Canvas II
  • Google Nest Hub Max
  • Dragon Touch Classic 10
  • Nixplay Seed
  • Sawyer by Aura

Nixplay 2K Smart Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay 2K Smart frame takes the cake for possibly being the only photo frame on this list that can not only act as a standing frame on a bedside table but can also be hung on the walls of your home. The frame can be displayed as a portrait or in the landscape mode depending on the dimensions of the photograph.

With an outstanding screen resolution of 2048 x 1536, this 9-inch digital photo frame displays your favorite photos in outstanding quality and color. While the older versions allowed the user the option of a USB to upload pictures, now the Nixplay frame makes use of Google Photos as the sole method of managing the digital photo frame.

The Nixplay 2K Smart digital photo frame is boasted as having the sharpest screens in the market, even in comparison to the older models released by Nixplay.


  • Remote controllable; the remote can be rested on the back of the digital frame with the help of a magnet
  • Numerous customization tools
  • Sleep timer facility
  • Transitions between photos is possible
  • Motion sensor present; saves power by turning off when no individual is present
  • Flexible stand setup
  • Highly intuitive


  • No built-in storage options
  • Cannot display videos
  • Has no USB or SD slots on the exterior
  • Limited cloud service options

Mason by Aura

Aura is a big player in the American digital picture frame market and the Mason frame does this reputation justice with its sleek build and high resolution of 1600 x 1200. Aura has numerous people who swear by it with its exquisite attention to color and detail. The Mason frame was featured in Oprah Winfrey’s infamous end-of-the-year list of favorite things.

The attention to detail by the company can be seen from the very start as you receive the Mason frame in a protective blue box of considerable weight. A cube-shaped plug also accompanies the frame with the wire wrapped in fabric to make it safe.

The Mason frame is available in two elegant colors of White Quartz and Graphite; the frame can also be laid out in either portrait or landscape mode depending on the picture chosen to be displayed.

The digital frame can be controlled and managed via the Aura app accessible to all clients for free; iOS users can use Apple’s Live Photos to change the photo being and displayed and so much more. But on the downside, the Mason frame cannot play videos.


  • Compatible with Google Photos and iCloud
  • Light sensor present; auto function turns the frame off when the room is dark
  • Smart suggestions feature
  • Touch bars on the sides of the frame; helps avoid smudging of the frame from fingerprints
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Hibernation mode; to save power at night time or when there are no people in the room
  • Flexible interface


  • No touch screen facility
  • Not remote controllable
  • No music player
  • No USB ports
  • Limited customization

Carver by Aura

Released before the Mason digital photo frame by Aura, the Carver by Aura holds the upper hand of having a larger display with a10 inch screen of higher resolution, which is 1900 x 1200. The screen touts a minimalist design with the screen being able to display two portrait photos at the same time. The Carver is available in two colors; White Chalk and Charcoal.

This digital photo frame makes use of the Intelligent Photo Pairing software of Aura’s to ensure optimal display of photographs. The Carver is compatible with Google Photos, iCloud and the two can be synced through Wi-Fi.


  • 224 PPI screen resolution
  • Streamlined interface; intuitive
  • Friendly pricing
  • HD image viewing
  • Invisible touch bar


  • It is now remote controllable
  • Customization is minimum; cannot adjust brightness or change color
  • Can only be used as a landscape frame
  • Not wall mountable
  • Zero built-in storage
  • No touch-screen
  • No motion sensor facility

Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame

This 15-inch digital picture frame rarely ever sees a negative review from its buyers. The Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame is easy to set up while allowing more autonomy to the user in terms of display, color, and more. The digital picture frame has a 1024 x 768 which comes with 4GB of built-in storage.

The Pix-Star digital photo frame is available for purchase in two other sizes apart from the standard 15-inch frame size. The Pix-Star digital photo frame has an option of controlling it remotely via email where the user can easily email the photo they wish to have displayed; this makes managing the digital photo frame for your elderly, not-so-tech-savvy parents so much easier.

The excellent feature offered by the Pix-Star digital photo frame is the numerous cloud services you can use to manage the frame. The list includes but is not limited to Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram, OneDrive, Dropbox, Verizon, and more.


  • Compatible with email; remote controllable
  • Motion sensor is present
  • Built-in music player; international radio stations can also be accessed
  • Facility to display video
  • SD and USB slots are present on the digital photo frame
  • Multiple frame accounts can be in use
  • Obscure cloud services such as Flickr, Smugmug, Shutterfly, Photobucket can be used
  • LED-backlit screen
  • Built-in calendar and calculator
  • The user can play games such as Sudoku and more


  • Disappointing resolution compared to the other digital photo frames on the list
  • No touch screen facility

Facebook Portal

A one of its kind digital photo frame, not only does the Facebook Portal display your photographs it can also be used to make video calls via Facebook and WhatsApp. The 10-inch screen is a touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 900. The Facebook Portal is compatible with cloud services such as Facebook and Instagram; meaning that the user can easily display photos via these social media platforms.

The Facebook Portal has a camera that can be turned on and off as on when required. The privacy tools on this digital photo frame are excellent, the user has the option of deleting all recordings taken by the Portal while even able to disable the option on the whole.


  • Touch screen present
  • Video calling option
  • Ambient motion sensor
  • USB and SD slots present
  • Can be accessed via Alexa
  • Smart camera that follows the person around while on a video call
  •  Zooming and panning features
  • Option to play music via popular music apps such as Spotify and Apple Music
  • Power saving mode


  • No remote available
  • Zero built-in storage
  • No wall mounting option

Meural Canvas II

The Meural Canvas II was created with the very purpose of utilizing technology to display and showcase art in a domestic setting. This digital photo frame goes hand-in-hand with an art membership service provided by the company. This service gives the subscriber access to thirty thousand pieces of art from across the globe.

A perfect addition to the home décor for an amateur art connoisseur. While many might consider the cost of the digital photo frame and the membership service to be a bit on the costly end; the company gives 60 percent of these proceeds to the young artists whose art is available as part of the service.

Despite being created for the purpose of art, the Meural Canvas II can also be used to display personal photographs. This digital photo frame is available in two sizes on the market along with multiple color options.


  • 20GB of built-in storage space
  • HD quality with 1080p resolution
  • Accurate color display
  • Controllable via the Meural app
  • Smart motion sensing
  • Angular form factor
  • Landscape and portrait mode present; the frame automatically switches between the two based on the dimensions of the cake
  • Special swivel mount given that the Meural Canvas II is considerably heavy
  • Option to schedule the display of photos
  • Compatible with voice assistants


  • It cannot be placed on a table; needs to be mounted
  • No cloud storage

Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max is versatile and flexible in the sense that not only can it be utilized as a digital photo frame but also as a domestic device. This device is useful if you already utilize several Google devices, it acts as a hub for them and can also be used to access Google Assistant.

The 10-inch digital photo frame consists of a touch screen and allows the user to access the photos on Google Photos via Wi-Fi or even by Bluetooth. The Google Nest Hub Max comes with 15GB of built-in storage and the option to expand this by paying for it.


  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Touch screen that allows you to manually swipe through multiple photos
  • A fixed stand comes along with the digital photo frame
  • Speaker with fabric for protection
  • Excellent picture brightness and saturation
  • Split-screen display option available


  • Zero built-in storage
  • No video display
  • No USB or SD slot
  • Limited cloud services
  • It can only be displayed in landscape form
  • Fixed stand; cannot be wall-mounted
  • Reflective panel

Dragon Touch Classic 10

This 10-inch digital photo frame is your average frame and allows the user to view images and watch slideshows with various transitions and filters to choose from. The Dragon Touch Classic 10 can even display 30-second-long videos. If you want to take a trip down memory lane in the privacy of your room, this frame has the option of plugging in headphones as well.

Although it has no compatible cloud services, the user can upload photos in an old-fashioned way; through a USB drive or just by using Wi-Fi. Another way is to make use of the OurPhoto app, you can extend access to friends and family to share and display photos from all over.


  • Touch screen
  • Built-in storage of 16GB
  • Music and video player present
  • Slots for SD and USB present
  • Jack to attach headphones
  • Alarm function present
  • Calendar and weather display
  • Scheduling of photo display is possible


  • Zero compatible cloud services
  • No ambient motion sensing
  • No remote for the digital photo frame
  • Fragile, easily damageable

Nixplay Seed

The Nixplay Seed is the most feature-forward digital photo frame among all the other models produced by Nixplay. The company also came up with an eco-friendly and smart campaign called the ‘seed for a seed’, where every time a Nixplay Seed digital photo frame is purchased the company will plant a seed by Trees for the Future.

This digital frame is compatible with multiple cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Photos, and Flickr. Photos can also be displayed via social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram, you can also make use of the Nixplay app or their cloud itself. If that is not sufficient, the digital photo frame can also be managed through email.

Whenever a photo is uploaded, the frame notifies the user of this via a notification.

The screen of the Nixplay Seed is on the larger side at 13.3 inches, this digital photo frame comes with 5-watt Bluetooth speakers that come built-in. The frame automatically recognizes the dimensions of the photo to decide whether to display it in landscape or portrait mode.


  • One year warranty
  • Ability to control several frames through one login
  • 10GB cloud storage; users can choose a service to extend the storage to 30GB for $14.99 for a year
  • Compatible with the Alexa voice assistant
  • Remote controllable via the app
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Monitor sensor with a 2.5-meter range
  • Integrated with Spotify


  • No SD or USB port
  • No touch screen facility
  • The ability to display video is limited to 15 seconds for each one
  • Cannot be hung on a wall

Sawyer by Aura

We have already established Aura as being on top of the digital photo frame market in the US. All of their frames come highly recommended and are always backed up by reviews raving about their advanced qualities and state-of-the-art design and exterior.

The Sawyer digital photo frame is no less. While the other two digital photo frames we spoke about in this list have a more frail and unique design, the Sawyer is built to last. It is sturdy and made of durable aluminum meaning that it will not break when dropped. Weighing in at 3.5 pounds, they were not lying when they said it was sturdy.

Aura makes this digital photo frame available in a total of seven colors; made to blend in and perfectly match the décor of your home. A purchase of an Aura digital photo frame comes with free access to the Aura app.


  • 2048 x 1536 pixels screen resolution; some of the best we have seen so far
  • 4K resolution
  • Option to set the interval of display; anywhere from 15 seconds to 5 minutes
  • A ‘like’ button to customize the algorithm
  • Ambient motion detector
  • Automated brightness adjustments
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Ability to link multiple devices
  • Ability to print photos via the app


Smart suggestions cause all of your photographs to automatically get uploaded on the cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Digital Photo Frames Worthy?

In the day and age of technology that involves uncountable photographs you have collected over the years from your various trips and events, a digital photo frame can be incredibly useful.

Not only does it store photographs and integrate with your cloud services and social media platforms; it can also be an easy way of displaying the many jewels you have collected over the years.

Is It Ok To Leave A Digital Photo Frame On At All Times?

While it is completely alright to do so, many digital photo frames in the market come with ambient motion sensing that switches the photo frame off when the room is dark or when it cannot sense the presence of an individual in the room, this is solely for the reason of saving power.

What Should I Take Into Consideration While Purchasing A Digital Photo Frame?

Although the needs of individuals may vary, some of the things to look out for include resolution of the screen, compatible cloud services, presence of motion sensing, presence of USB and SD slots, storage space, exterior design, and quality among other criteria.

Can You Set Photos On A Digital Photo Frame That Is Far Away?

If the digital photo frame is compatible with email or even with cloud services then anyone with access to the frame can easily transfer, share and set photos to the frame.

This is a very useful quality for individuals who have gifted a digital photo frame to their elderly relatives; you can now share pictures of your children or from your last vacation without worrying about whether or not they can be accessed.

How Much Does A Digital Photo Frame Cost?

The prices of digital photo frames fall on a large spectrum from a reasonable price of $40 to being as expensive as $3600, based on their brand and features. The Dragon Touch Classic 10 is one of the brands that produce affordable frames with satisfactory qualities.

Not everyone can splurge such a large amount for a more advanced digital photo frame, for people belonging to that category Aura and Nixplay offer frames in the range of $300 to $400 with mind-blowing features.

Can Digital Photo Frames Play Videos?

This feature is available in a few digital photo frames while others do not come with this feature. If this is a priority for you, ensure to particularly ask for it. While, majority of the digital photo frames won’t come with a feature to play videos, we have managed to find one for you right here and maybe you would like it!

This frame has an IPS HD Touch Screen, and an app that is named as ”frameo” App for iOS and Android which gives you full control over your frame, With 16GB internal memory offers you a big storage capacity of photos. Also can import pictures in batches with the Micro SD card (max.32GB).

Can You Hang A Digital Photo Frame On The Wall?

Digital photo frames such as the Mural Canvas II are produced for the very reason of being mounted on the wall to display your photographs proudly. On the other hand, the Google Nest Hub Max and the Facebook Portal can only be placed on shelves or tables; meaning they cannot be hung on the wall. Other digital photo frames in the market can do both.

Can I Turn My Tablet Into A Digital Photo Frame?

This is a possibility, the easiest way to do this is to download applications whose main purpose is to display pictures. They also have tools to make slideshows and display videos with sounds and so much more.


A digital photo frame could be the one thing that might be missing in your modern house or it could also be the perfect thing to gift to a closed one. Either way, make a wise choice from the numerous digital photo frames we analyze and recommend in this list.

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