Micro SDHC vs SDXC

There are two formats that are loved by photographers, they are the SDHC and SDXC cards. So which is better between the Micro SDHC vs SDXC?

What Kind of Camera Do Professionals Use?

The term professional camera is plastered on almost every selfie stick. But what does “professional camera” really mean? Professional photographers need a list of high-quality cameras with advanced features in order to produce beautiful results. Although there are hundreds of cameras available in the market, some are more suited for professional photographers.  If you are …

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What Is an SDHC Memory Card?

Memory cards are an important accessory for cameras, camcorders, and smartphones. They are used so you can store additional data.  Memory cards come in different forms. The original Secure Digital card, also known as the SD card, was launched in 1999. However, as time passed, there was a need to store more data. This is …

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What is the Best Nikon Lens for Sports Photography?

Sports photography is probably one of the most popular photography genres, which is why major camera manufacturers like Nikon released lenses that are ideal for this genre.  Sports photography comes in two different types: indoor and outdoor. When it comes to indoor sports photography, the biggest challenge is having proper lighting. These types of events …

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What is the Difference Between SDHC and SDXC Memory Cards?

Cameras need a memory card so you can store all of the images and videos that you’ve taken. When it comes to memory cards, the most popular and most used one is the SD card format.  However, memory cards come in different options for capacity, brand, compatibility, and speed. Although the SD card is the …

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What Lenses Are Compatible with Nikon D3100?

Choosing a new camera lens for your Nikon D3100 can be overwhelming yet exciting. It lets you think about what type of photography you want to focus on and what features you need in order to achieve great results.  Before getting a lens, you need to check its features, specs, and how you’ll use it. …

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What Is Clarity In Photography?

What is clarity in photography? You want your pictures to be clear and sharp, especially if you do photography for a living.

What Is a 4K Camcorder?

What is 4k camcorder? Many 4K camcorders have advanced high-definition functionality that can give you amazing video results.